LET'S RAQ IT! 2022 - 11th December 2022 : 12.00 PM @ Prabhath KH Kalasoudha

LET’S RAQ IT! 2022


Event Synopsis
Let’s Raq It! is an exclusive Belly Dance Showcase that is organized by NK Belly Dance School annually. This year, we bring to you different thematic and experimental fusion belly dance performances that you have never seen before in Namma Bengaluru.

Our style is majorly influenced by the Egyptian Raqs Sharqi and bits of the Middle Eastern folkloric dances. This time around, we wanted to create a space where we could challenge ourselves by exploring different concepts still staying true to our roots.

Keep an eye out for some exciting performances that include different properties like Cane, Wings, Veil Poi etc. Among many other amazing acts, we also have a grand tribute performance on Golden Age of Bollywood Cinema told through belly dance! We will also have some of the prestigious Dance Schools of the city, Samai Oriental Dance Company, IRA School of Bellydance and Movement Arts and Genesis Life joining us as guest performers.

It’s going to be a spectacular and one of a kind show that we don’t want you to miss. Come and support us on December 11th, 12 pm at KH Kalasoudha Auditorium, Bangalore.


About The Team/ Organiser
NK Belly Dance School is a premium Belly Dance school that offers certified courses from Beginners level to Advance level in Bangalore, India. The school started in 2017 with an aim to make belly dance accessible to anyone who is enthusiastic to learn and dive deep into the culture of Middle Eastern Dance.

About the Director
Nikitha Krishnan is the Director of NK Belly Dance School and is a Performing Artist and Teacher specializing in the Egyptian Raqs Sharqi which is commonly referred to as Belly Dance in Bangalore, India. Nikitha has a total experience of 9 years as a performer and an Instructor and started her dance journey in her early teenage years. As a student, Nikitha is trained in Egyptian Raqs Sharqi style along with different folkloric dances from Egypt from various National and International Artists across the globe! Nikitha always had a passion for dancing, however, her interest leaned more towards belly dance in her college days as it is a unique form compared to other dances. When she discovered belly dance, she right away knew it was a calling to her to take up this dance professionally. It boosted her confidence level and helped her accept the way she is. When she understood that this dance form comes with many other benefits, she wanted to help women from different walks of life to experience the joy of belly dancing like she did . Belly Dance also has a ton of history with its origin from Egypt – a country linking North East Africa with Middle East. Belly Dance is not just a dance, it has a lot of socio and political influences from different times of life. She continues to study Egyptian folklore and research on various other aspects connected to this dance form. Her accolades: 1. Winner at Hipnosis International Belly Dance Festival 2015 Bangalore,India 2. Performed at Bangalore’s Biggest Food Carnival “Super Ruchi Habba” that took place in 2017 and 2018. 3. 3rd place winner at Datura Belly Dance Challenge 2018 #6 by Datura Online. 4. 2nd place winner at Datura Belly Dance Challenge 2019 #7 by Datura Online 5. Nikitha recently represented India at Raks Glam Festival 2022, Krakow, Poland and won 2nd place at Professional fusion category and 5th place at Tabla solo category. 6. Winner at Dance Weeked in Warsaw Festival 2022, Warsaw, Poland.

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