Dance Like A Man - 08th July 2022 : 7.30 PM @ Prabhath KalaDwaraka


Event Synopsis
Dance Like a Man is a two-act stage play written by Sahitya Akademi Award winner Mahesh Dattani. The
story revolves around three generations, their personal ambition, sacrifices, struggle, and internal conflict. Each character deals with their own unique experiences, as the play delves into the human psyche and nuances of human emotion. Jairaj Parekh and his wife Ratna, aging Bharatnatyam
dancers, are engaged in finding a substitute mridangam player to accompany their daughter Lata at her performance at a high-profile dance festival. Lata, in the meantime, nervously awaits the meeting between her parents and Viswas, the young man she wishes to marry. When the four meet, and in the conversations and discussions that follow, the fissures in the relationship between Jairaj and Ratna begin to explode into high-strung battles which lead back to their own youth and the tragedy that lies at
the heart of their discord. The younger couple have their own issues to contend with: the obvious mismatch between the two sets of parents, the arguments over Lata’s career as a dancer after
marriage and most unsettling of all, Lata’s attempt to balance her parents’ ambition with her own needs
and desires.

Late comers will not be permitted at the end of the synopsis


About The Team/ Organiser
Last Page Collective is a group of young students who came together to create a platform that allows the youth of Bangalore to express themselves. The idea to create this Collective began with a simple frustration; space to express themselves. The desire for our own platform began to take a solid shape in January 2019. Since then, a steady community has been building, one that is run by the youth of Bangalore. This community includes all forms of artists, from the visual to the performative.

About the Director
Samragni Dasgupta is a co-founder of Last Page Collective. She began her theatre journey with Kirtana Kumar at the age of 5. She has directed several plays, including Dance Like a Man by Mahesh Dattani and an adaptation of Yayati by Girish Karnad titled Maat. She also recently directed a queer adaptation of Constellations by Nick Payne. Samragni identities as queer. She was part of the first group of artists to be awarded the Gender Bender grant. She currently works in the policy space, while also participating in theatre and the arts

Event Details

Start time: 07:30 p.m. IST

Venue: Prabhath KalaDwaraka

Directions: The Koramangala Club

Phone: +91 96320 84327

Email: [email protected]

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