Shorts - 27th May 2022 : 7.30 PM @ Prabhath KalaDwaraka


Event Synopsis
Shorts is an anthology of two short plays that will take you on a journey filled with family, love and laughter.

A wealthy landowner thinks of proposing to his longtime neighbour, but it looks like they have to mend some fences first.

“The Proposal” – a one-act play of hearts, aches, and real estate, by Anton Chekov.

Fourteen by Alice Gerstenberg is a comedy based around a dinner soirée of the elite bourgeois in New York with a raging blizzard as a backdrop. The play is set in the year 1920 with the prohibition, the war and a blizzard add to implications for the hostess! Come feast your eyes, ears and souls as we bring you this incredible experience. Bon Appetit!

Also what makes this particular play even special is the all woman cast and the director.


About The Team/ Organiser
We are a youth community collective based out of Bangalore, known as Last Page Collective. We hope to introduce the arts to the next generation, while also providing a safe space for the current upcoming generation of artists to thrive and succeed.

About the Director
Anindita began her professional theatre journey in 2019 and continued to train and work with various directors on many forms of theatre. Being from a Bengali family, she was exposed to various art forms since her childhood. Her passion for art makes her active and keen to contribute in various capacities playing different roles and this time it is of a director for ‘Shorts’. She brings in with her the attention to detail and strives for the kind of perfection a script deserves. A well trained actor herself, Anindita understands how to navigate her actors to bring out their best on stage. ‘Shorts’ is Anindita’s directorial debut. Deepak Hariharan has multiple interests in the artistic field. He is a musician, singer, actor, writer, and an occasional poet. Having a deep interest in philosophy and geopolitics, Deepak draws inspiration from many schools of thought, which aid in his method of instruction. Deepak has been in the field of theatre since 2011 and has performed in venues across Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Goa. He has directed college productions and has been the judge of various events related to theatre and music. In 2015, Deepak wrote and produced a play which featured in the National Bioethics Conference held at St. John’s Medical College, which was under the mentorship of Mahesh Dattani. In 2020, Deepak received a special mention by playwright Abhishek Majumdar for his play submission for the TOTO Creative Writing Awards. Deepak runs Paradox Studios, an arts and media company which works with projects ranging from podcasts to theatre workshops. He also sings with the Bangalore Men, an all-male choir and has performed at multiple venues, including the NCPA and Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai. In his free time, Deepak likes to sketch, cook, and play video games.

Event Details

Date: May 27, 2022

Start time: 07:30 p.m. IST

End time: 09:00 p.m. IST

Venue: Prabhath KalaDwaraka

Directions: The Koramangala Club

Phone: 9483508637

Email: [email protected]

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