RYM Presents Anthakshari - 29th May 2022 : 3.30 PM @ Prabhath KalaDwaraka



Anthakshari, also known as Antyakshari (The game of the ending letter) is a spoken parlor game played in India. Each contestant sings the first verse of a song (often Classical Hindustani or Bollywood songs) that begins with the Hindustani consonant on which the previous participant / contestant’s song selection ended.
Anthakshari was originally present in the Ramayana, where rishis (sages) sang the first verses of Bhajanas continuously by singing another Bhajana beginning with the last letter of the ending word.
The game can be played by two or more people and is popular as a group activity. The first singer has to sing at-least two complete lines and then he/she may stop at the end of those or following lines. The last letter of the last word sung is then used by the next singer to sing another song, starting with that letter.
RYM (Raise Your Mic) has used this concept as a theme for the upcoming event scheduled on 29th May 2022

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About the Organizers

RYM (Raise Your Mic) is a group of hobby singers based in Bangalore, consisting of 9 exceptionally talented singers. Each member of RYM are from different ethnic, professional and cultural background brought together by their passion towards singing. Most of the members are untrained, but that hasn’t stopped the team from pursuing their hobby with absolute professionalism. RYM, over the last 2 years, has organized / performed on several stage shows and has earned many accolades from the audience, from the singing fraternity. Each member of the team follows RYM’s vision of setting the benchmark in whatever they do passionately and aspires to set new heights every time they perform. RYM’s objective / purpose is to encourage, support fellow singers and enable them with the platform to showcase their talent

About the Director

RYM (Raise Your Mic) is a team driven with passion by Mr.Prasad Thimmaiah. He heads the Sales Department of an MNC and is very much inclined towards music. He is a visionary and has an eye for detail. Prasad is well known by his friends for his creativeness, wittiness and love towards Animals.
Though singing has been his passion since his younger days, he is following his passion seriously from the last two years. Being a versatile singer himself, he has made his team to take up on different genres by throwing open challenges. RYM team has been raising the bar under his guidance.

Event Details

Date: May 29, 2022

Start time: 03:30 p.m. IST

Venue: Prabhath KalaDwaraka

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