Raat - 18th June 2022 : 4.00 PM @ Prabhath KalaDwaraka


Event Synopsis
A chance encounter. Some unhealed old wounds. A ticking clock on a dark night.

A strange stranger, Kavi enters the lives of an IAS aspirant, Kabir, and his ever-alarmed wife, Aashi. What begins as a casual conversation soon transforms into unearthing cobwebs of past. What uncovers? Who triggers whom? Whose truth beholds? Are there layers of motives that go beyond the naked eye? Is there a closure in the waiting or does a suppressed bitter past takes its toll over sanity and peace?

Raat, a night full of truth that has more than two sides.


Team/ Organiser – Essay Ensemble

Director – Salim Arif

Event Details

Start time: 04:00 p.m. IST

Venue: Prabhath KalaDwaraka

Directions: The Koramamnagala Club Koramangala Bengaluru

Phone: 9500757194


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