ಲಾಕ್ Down - 29th May 2022 : 7.30 PM @ Prabhath KH Kalasoudha


Event synopsis:
The pandemic hit us hard like a hurricane and turned everything upside down. The waves came crashing down, washing over everything we held dear. It created valleys that caused rifts but also shed light to show the importance of relationships in our life. For a brief moment everything paused and everything came to a halt. The ecosystem was challenged and the concept of ‘being social’ was redefined in a night! While the systems found ways to find alternatives to every other pause, human relationships remained a challenge and yet it had to continue invariably.

The Kannada play titled ‘ಲಾಕ್Down’ touches upon this very aspect of paused relations and relationships which suddenly needed to change overnight! The play deals with raw emotions, expressions and continuity of the human ecosystem and how they reacted when they were put into test of an uninvited virus that took over the same emotions, expressions and continuity.

This 50-60 minutes play is set in urban, rural and international ecosystems, social strata that come with their own set of challenges. An anthology of 4 stories tells the importance of relationships and how they mend themselves to the uncertainty and bond over the course of time. These 4 stories crossfade and yet remain independent to each other but tied together by a thread of forced circumstances.


About the group:

WeMove Theatre was started in 2006 by thespians Abhishek Iyengar and Rangaraj Bhatracharya with a vision of making Theatre reachable to all. The institution was driven with the dreams of achieving new dimensions in the field of theatre.

With contemporary plays being the forte of WeMove, the company has produced 18 full-fledged staged productions and more than shows across India and United states of America (California). WeMove Theatre’s WeMove School of Drama is a one stop point for learning every aspect of stage acting, WeMove runs a lot of programs such as The Big Step, Gully Theatre, Big Step Theatre Intensive and 4+1 programs where people come involve, explore, and learn the nuances of acting. WeMove conducts theatre workshops for kids under the name First Leaf and Snake and Ladder.
Along with producing and staging plays and conducting workshops WeMove has branched out into several other ventures such as, WeMove Talkies, WeMove Campus, Tiny Tales and WeMove Solutions.

About the director:

Abhishek Iyengar is an Indian playwright and theatre director. He is a co-founder of Bangalore-based theatre company WeMove Theatre. He writes plays in Kannada and English. In 2017, he was appointed a WorldTheatre Ambassador as a representative of India for world theatre map, as a part of HowlRound, a project by Emerson College, Boston.

Event Details

Date: May 29, 2022

Start time: 07:30 p.m. IST

Venue: Prabhath KH Kalasoudha

Directions: Hanumantha Nagar Bengalore

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